The Best Orgasm Of Your Life Is One O-Shot Away

If you experience an unpleasant time during intimacy, you may be a good candidate for O & P Shots. Men and women of all ages can experience difficulties during sexual encounters.

What is O-Shot and P-Shot? Continue reading to learn more and to determine if you are a good candidate for these non‑surgical and life‑changing treatments.

Understanding what O & P Shots are can help you gauge if they are suitable for you. The treatment is appropriate if you have difficulty achieving an orgasm, erectile dysfunction, discomfort during sex, or incontinence when urinating.

Difficulty Achieving Orgasm

These shots are effective in helping achieve an orgasm. The treatment uses your blood to stimulate areas that help you reach stronger orgasms more frequently. The shots are customized for male and female stimulation, making this an ideal option for those who want a non‑surgical treatment specific to their needs.

Understanding the Solutions for Sexual Dysfunction

If you experience sexual dysfunction of any kind, it’s important to understand your options and viable solutions. If you want to avoid surgical treatments, but haven’t had success with a pill or other treatment, the P-Shot and O-Shot could be a great option.

These shots work with your blood to stimulate your sexual organs and lead to a better sexual experience. It’s non‑invasive, and treatments take less than one hour. This is an ideal option for individuals looking for a solution that doesn’t involve taking a pill or surgical procedures.

The Difference Between O-Shots and P-Shots

Since men and women experience physical and hormonal differences in sexual dysfunction, the O and P shots are tailored to meet those needs. The O-Shot is for women and can enhance the ability to experience a vaginal orgasm, increase natural lubrication, provide stronger orgasms, and create smoother skin of the vulva.

The P-Shot is for males and helps them experience fewer instances of erectile dysfunction, increases penis sensitivity, and improves the intensity of orgasms. Both shots are excellent options for non‑surgical solutions to sexual dysfunction and don’t require any downtime.

What to Expect

One of the key benefits of O & P shots is the ability to carry on with your day‑to‑day activities, including sexual intercourse, immediately after receiving the treatment. Women will receive two shots: one in the clitoris and one in the wall of the vagina. The treatment works immediately for some, but most patients will see peak improvement after three months.

Men will receive five injections, resulting in immediate improvement for some, while most patients will experience peak performance after three to four months of receiving the shots. Our P-Shots and O-shots last up to two years and have little associated pain during the treatment since a topical numbing cream is applied before the injections.

You can expect to return to work, finish your errands, or have sexual intercourse immediately after the injections since they’re non-surgical and non‑invasive. Scheduling follow-up appointments can ensure the shots are working correctly long after your first session.

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