Discover the Gold Standard of Laser Hair Removal: Everything You Need to Know and More!

Tired of shaving or waxing? You are not alone, but now there’s a solution – laser hair removal – a safe and highly effective method of getting rid of unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal is a procedure that uses a laser to heat and destroy pigmented hair follicles. The light emitted reaches the root of the hair and within a few weeks, you start noticing hair thinning and falling out after your first session. While there are multiple types of lasers that are available, the Alexandrite laser is considered the gold standard for laser hair removal.

What Is DEKA Motus Laser?

Developed by DEKA, one of the top European laser manufacturers, DEKA Motus laser hair removal retains the advantages of Alexandrite laser hair removal but overcomes its limitations with the use of Moveo technology. Significantly, the DEKA Motus laser is the first high-speed Alexandrite laser that is effective for both light and dark skin tones.

The treatment is painless, quick, and more effective than other types of lasers on most skin types. A session in one area can be completed in less than five minutes. The handpiece delivers low‑energy pulses in slow, repetitive motions over small areas.

What Is Alexandrite Laser?

An Alexandrite laser uses an alexandrite crystal as the laser source. It is a red‑light laser that produces a specific wavelength of light. The high-energy light emitted is converted to heat energy which damages the hair follicle to minimize further growth.

This laser treatment can be done on the face, neck, underarms, bikini line, back, chest, and legs. It is typically not as effective for light-colored hair and not recommended to be used on dark skin or tanned skin.

What Are the Benefits of Using This Laser?

The DEKA Motus laser is a pain-free treatment. Typical laser hair removal is known to involve discomfort. Patients who have experienced hair removal using the DEKA Motus laser describe it as a warming sensation. The longer relaxation time and a cooled sapphire tip also make the procedure more comfortable and safer.

The procedure is also less time‑consuming. While the treatment length varies depending on the area and the hair type, the laser is relatively fast. A large area can be completed in under 5 minutes.

The DEKA Motus laser is more effective. That means you are likely to need fewer sessions to be hair free compared to other lasers and have a longer period between maintenance sessions.

DEKA Motus Laser vs Alexandrite Laser

The DEKA Motus laser combines the Alexandrite laser with Moveo technology to overcome concerns about burns and hyper-pigmentation. While the Alexandrite laser cannot be used on tanned and dark skin, the DEKA Motus Laser is safe and effective for those patients. It is also effective on light‑colored hair.

Instead of intense bursts of heat, low‑energy pulses are slowly delivered repeatedly on one area during a DEKA Motus laser removal session. By gradually heating up the area, it minimizes damage to the skin around the follicles.

The Alexandrite laser emits energy that is largely reflected by the skin, causing a loss of energy. The Motus laser allows 100% energy absorption and fewer sessions are required to achieve up to 90% hair reduction.

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The Alexandrite laser is one of the most powerful lasers available to remove unwanted hair. Combined with Moveo technology, the DEKA Motus laser means that the procedure is now available to a wide range of skin tones and hair types.

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