Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Using Retinol

Mark Abbott:

Hey guys, Mark Abbott here. Happy Friday. Hope everyone is doing well.

Its hot outside, but we all need to use retinol on a regular basis, but do not make this critical mistake. Retinol is amazing, but when you combine with the heat, it doesn’t do well at all. In fact, you can get can get pretty severe burns on your face and anywhere that Retinol is activated.

So this is your friendly reminder to use the Retinol, use it well, use it every night at bedtime, but be sure that you wash your face, at least rinse it off in the morning before going outside. Even if it’s a quick walk the dog, rinse that Retinol off. The burns are no joke. It’s not fun. Just had a patient this morning, forgot to rinse the Retinol off, ran outside to walk the dog, and now her face is burnt. So remember to always rinse that Retinol off first thing in the morning, even if it’s just a quick rinse, and then you can come back and do a deep cleanse.

Hope that helps. Have a great weekend. Stay safe and take care.